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A steam room is a type of sauna that uses heated, moist air to create an environment with several therapeutic benefits. The heat in the steam room often reaches temperatures, and the humidity levels can range anywhere based on the type of wood and stones used to construct it. A steam room session typically lasts anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. Many people find it beneficial for relieving stress, improving circulation and joint flexibility, increasing skin tone, reducing fatigue, and promoting overall mental clarity. The moist heat also helps to open pores in the skin so the body can naturally detoxify itself by releasing toxins through sweat.

A steam room experience is typically more intense than a traditional sauna due to its higher temperature and humidity levels. Many studies have shown that this type of heat therapy is beneficial for people suffering from respiratory issues like asthma or bronchitis because it can help break down mucous membranes clogged with phlegm. Additionally, the steam room helps to relax tense muscles caused by stress or physical activity so users can feel relief from aches and pains associated with aging. Steam rooms are usually equipped with benches so users can recline comfortably while they enjoy their session without having to stand up throughout its duration.


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